The Sweeney

The Sweeney

Director Nick Love is the man behind the project as he is not only helming the project but he has also penned the script.

This is the first directorial outing for Love since The Firm back in 2009 but the filmmaker has enjoyed recent success with The Business and The Football Factory.

This time around the established talent of Ray Winstone will team up with the new talent of Ben Drew aka Plan B as they take on the role of Jack Regan and George Carter.

There is a great mixture of experience vs inexperience with the cast as this is only the fifth role for Ben Drew AKA Plan B.

Winstone on the other hand has been making movies left right and centre for many years now and he is the perfect choice for the role of Jack Regan in this movie.

And Winstone and Drew are set to be supported by an exciting cast as Damien Lewis, Hayley Atwell and Paul Anderson are all on board.

Set in present day England, The Sweeney will be packed full of fast cars, action and wise cracks as it follows Flying Squad detectives Jack Regan, George Carter and their team, as they work to keep the bad guys down!

While The Sweeney is set to give a nod back to the energy and the essence of the original that inspires it whilst forging an identity of it's own.

The Sweeney is released 12th September.

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