Cate Blanchett in Blue Jasmine

Cate Blanchett in Blue Jasmine

Who is going to be nominated for the Oscars 2014? It seems to be the question on everyone’s lips ever since the ‘awards films’ started rolling out at the beginning of September.

Already there are a whole host of films and performances that are nailed on for nominations… but there are also some that could well be the darks horses come the beginning of next year.

The Best Actress category looks set to be one of the most closely fought categories of the Academy Awards 2014, as we have been treated to a string of wonderful performances so far this year.

We take a look at the stars that are guaranteed to be in the running, and other performances that you need to watch out for.

*Certainly For Best Actress Nomination*

Cate Blanchett: Blue Jasmine - Woody Allen has a knack for getting the best out of his actors, and he has done it again with Blue Jasmine.

Blue Jasmine marks the first time that he has teamed up with Cate Blanchett - who already has a Best Supporting Actress Oscar under her belt - as she takes on the title role of Jasmine.

Ever since the film hit the big screen critics have been raving about the performance that Blanchett gives in this film as she skilfully goes from neurotic to psychotic.

She really does dazzle as she plays Jasmine in a way that keeps the audience on her side; in lesser hands, Jasmine could be a character that you stop rooting for.

Judi Dench: Philomena - Judi Dench is another fine actress who has a Best Supporting Actress Oscar in her trophy cabinet… however, she is yet to get her hands on the Best Actress Award.

2014 could well be her year as she has delivered one of the performances of her career with the funny and moving Philomena. The movie is based on the true story of Philomena Lee; a woman who has spent her life searching for the son that she was forced to give up for adoption.

Dench takes on the title role in the film as she gives just a devastatingly emotional performance and personal performance; she really is riveting from start to finish.

Dench could perform the phonebook and it be fantastic, but she does bring heart and warmth to this extraordinary film - not to mention she and Steve Coogan have a fantastic on screen chemistry that shines through.

Sandra Bullock: Gravity - If there is one movie that just about everyone has been talking about this autumn, then it has been the wonderful Gravity.

Bullock has already triumphed at the Oscars with a Best Actress gong for her performance in The Blind Side… and it looks like she is going to be in the hunt once again.

Bullock takes on the role of Dr Ryan Stone in the film, an astronaut left stranded in space when a space walk goes wrong. While the movie looks fantastic, it really is a character driven piece and Bullock is its heart and soul.

As much as this is a film about being trapped in space, this is, for the character of Stone, a story about accepting and coming to terms with events of the past and being strong enough to move forward with here life. She delivers all of this perfectly!!!

*Actresses To Watch Out For*

Amy Adams: American Hustle - Amy Adams may not have won an Oscar but she has quite often been in contention for performances in the likes of Junebug, Doubt and The Fighter.

American Hustle sees Adams reunite with director David O.Russell, for a film that is already being tipped as a major Oscar contender.

She has already picked up Best Actress nominations at the likes of the Satellite Awards, New York Film Critics Online Awards and Online Film Critics Society Awards.

Emma Thompson: Saving Mr Banks - Emma Thompson has triumphed at the Oscars as both and actress and as a writer and now, she could be in the mix for a Best Actress Oscar.

Thompson takes on the role of author P.L. Travers in Saving Mr Banks; a movie that follows Walt Disney’s quest to turn Travers’ novel Mary Poppins into a Disney film. Travers is a woman show does come across as rather rigid, cold and rather unlikeable, and yet she is a woman who is haunted by her past.

Thompson is perfect in the role as she slowly peels away the layers of Travers to reveal the hurt and vulnerable woman; she does all this: while keeping the audience rooted in her corner. A fine and very funny performance.

Brie Larson: Short Term 12 - Of all of the potential Best Actress nominees, Brie Larson is perhaps the least well known. And yet Short Term 12 is a movie that has been winning over critics and audiences on the festival circuit all year.

Larson has already scooped the Best Actress gong at the Gotham Independent Film Awards, and has also picked up a nomination at the Independent Spirit Awards.

At the moment it does look like Cate Blanchett has the edge, but I personally would love to see Judi Dench scoop the award.

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