Some incredible films are heading to Netflix throughout February 2022 / Picture Credits: Netflix
Some incredible films are heading to Netflix throughout February 2022 / Picture Credits: Netflix

Another month rolls around which means Netflix has a whole host of movies ready to be released over the next 28 days – yes, it’s that short month this time.

While the countdown is on for when the sun stays up past 5.30pm, keep yourself entertained during these never-ending dark winter nights with new Netflix original films.

Whether you want a horror film, a historical tear-jerker true story or an American high school comedy-drama, Netflix has it covered over the next few weeks.

Have a read of what’s on offer this month – Texas Chainsaw Massacre fans will not be disappointed.

My Best Friend Anne Frank - out now

Netflix kicked off February with a historical true story focussing on the life of one of the most discussed victims of the Holocaust Anne Frank and her friendship with Hannah Goslar during the time of the Nazi occupation of Amsterdam.

People often turn to the Diary of Anne Frank to get a sense of what it was like for Jewish people who suffered at the hands of the Nazis, as she and her family spent their lives hiding when the fascist regime started to persecute the Jewish population.

The film which is based on real events follows the story of Frank and Goslar until they get sent to concentration camps where the two reunite before the story takes a bitter end.

Expect sheer emotion while you live vicariously for a couple of hours through the retelling of Anne Frank’s life – knowing it’s a true story only makes it rawer and more prominent.

Through My Window - out now

Think of the likes of After, The Kissing Booth, and just a dash of Fifty Shades of Grey with some Spanish mixed in and you’ll find yourself at Through My Window.

Don’t let the subtitles put you off this intense romantic movie because it already looks like an engrossing, cuddle up on the sofa away from the February rain, kind of film – and that’s just the impression from the trailer alone.

It follows a girl called Raquel who has a crush on her next-door neighbour, Ares, despite them never speaking a word to each other.

Raquel makes it her goal to get Ares to fall in love with her, despite his family condemning him to develop any feelings for her.

Strap yourselves in, it sounds like it’s going to be an intense ride.

Tall Girl 2 - Released February 11th

Following on from the first instalment just over two years ago, Tall Girl 2 centres on six foot one (and a half) Jodi, played by Ava Michelle, becoming the popular girl at school after she lands the lead role in the school musical.

This is a vast contrast to what she’s used to – being picked on for being tall – but this new popularity also brings challenges with it.

Although her confidence should be sky high, she has plans here, there and everywhere pressuring her and her relationship with Jack Dunkleman – portrayed by Griffin Gluck – who she kissed at the homecoming dance at the end of the first film after he stood on a milk crate.

If none of this makes sense, grab some snacks, a cosy blanket and watch the original film Tall Girl to get you prepared for the American high school drama that is sure to ensue again in the sequel.

Thanks for the movie marathon excuse Tall Girl 2!

Bigbug - Released February 11th

Technology is everywhere nowadays – in your hand, on the wall, on the desk, in the bathroom and even on your kitchen counter adding items to your shopping list – but what if the nightmare was to come true and the robots started to…take over?

It’s been done plenty of times before in a film format, but French film Bigbug takes it to a whole new dramatic level.

This Jean-Pierre Jeunet film is set in 2050 when a group of suburbanites are trapped in their technology-controlled house with their robot maid, while an AI-driven android is outside causing havoc to the world.

It all seems to be going so well in this new age of technology until suddenly it all goes horribly wrong.

Although this isn’t meant to be an outright horror film, could this foreshadow the future of our world? Even if it is, it’s better to be prepared now and watch what could happen in this film.

Fistful of Vengeance - Released February 17th

Off the back of the TV show, Wu Assassins comes the Netflix supernatural film Fistful of Vengeance, which will follow on from the ending of the first season.

The movie will see the Wu Assassin team come together in Bangkok to find revenge for the death of one of their own.

However, all is not as it seems because what they’re up against is an ancient threat armed with otherworldly powers.

What should have been a revenge mission for the team turns out to be a fight to save the world.

This action-packed thriller doesn’t need the TV show to work – the movie stands alone so don’t worry, you don’t have to go and watch all 10 episodes of the series to know what is going on in the film.

Texas Chainsaw Massacre - Released February 18th

47 years after the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre comes the latest sequel iteration which sees a group of influencers disrupting the remote Texas town that they want to revamp as part of a business venture, but they end up disrupting the place where Leatherface has been shielding all these years.

And the sole survivor from the infamous 1973 massacre, Sally Hardesty, played by Olwen Fouere, is intent on getting revenge.

All this is a recipe for disaster so if you’re squeamish around blood it’s probably best to miss this one out or get a pillow at the ready to cover your eyes – it won’t help mask the bloodcurdling screams that are bound to feature though.

Don't Kill Me - Released February 20th

This Italian dark horror movie based on a book called Non-Mi Uccidere follows the story of 19-year-old Mirta who makes a pact with her lover Robin to overdose on drugs so that they can always be together.

However, this logic goes out of the window when Mirta resuscitates but Robin doesn’t.

But in an ever-darker twist of events, she must now eat living human beings to stay alive.

You are not going to want to watch this one late at night – 1pm horror movie viewing anyone?

Words by Lucy Roberts for Female First, who you can follow on Twitter, @Lucy_Roberts_72.

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