Grave of The Fireflies

Grave of The Fireflies

Studio Ghibli have been behind some terrific animation films over the decades, and all week we have been celebrating some of the best, as The Wind Rises hit the big screen.

Grave of the Fireflies is out last Studio Ghibli film in the spotlight, and we really have saved one of the most powerful for last.

Directed by Isao Takahata this is the most haunting movies that Studio Ghibli have ever released; it is also widely regarded as one of the best war movies of all time.

Set in Japan during World War II, Grave Of The Fireflies focuses on Seita and his little sister Setsuko.

After their mother I skilled in an air raid, and with their father serving in the navy, they are forced to fight for survival in the devastated Japanese countryside.

Food and shelter are scarce, and even their own relatives are too concerned with their own survival. All they have is each other and their belief that life must carry on.

This is such a harrowing and powerful movie that will move you to tears as well as totally break your heart. There are moments of childhood innocence and wonder - the fireflies being the perfect example - and that just makes the tragedy even more painful to watch.

Grave of the Fireflies is a film that looks at the impact of war for those who weren't even on the front line. The Japanese people suffered for the actions of their leaders during World War II and this is a depiction of the horrors and suffering that they faced.

The film may be harrowing and yet there is a real beauty to it as this is animation filmmaking at its very best.

The central relationship between Seita and Setsuko is what drives this film forward as the sibling bond becomes more and more powerful throughout the movie.

They stick together no matter what and only someone with a heart of stone will no be moved by what happens to them.

Grave of the Fireflies is a movie that really does pack and emotional punch and it is very rare that an animation film can be as powerful as this.

This is a story that will stay with you long after the film is finished and that is testament to Isao Takahata and all involved that they were able to make such a remarkable movie.

The Wind Rises is out now.

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