J.J. Abrams thinks criticism of 'Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker' is "right".

J.J. Abrams

J.J. Abrams

Despite topping the box office charts on both sides of the Atlantic, the final instalment of the 'Star Wars' sequel trilogy has proved divisive amongst fans, it is currently the second lowest rated 'Star Wars' film on review site Rotten Tomatoes.

Abrams, who directed the film, believes it was impossible to please everyone with the conclusion of the franchise.

Speaking after a screening of the movie in Hollywood, Abrams said: "I would say they're right. The people who love it more than anything are also right.

"I was asked just seven hours ago in another country, 'So how do you go about pleasing everyone?' I was like 'What...?'

"Not to say that should be what anyone tries to do anyway, but how would one go about it? Especially with Star Wars."

The 53-year-old filmmaker admits that is very challenging to satisfy modern audiences.

Abrams explained: "I don't need to tell anyone here, we live in a moment where everything immediately seems to defat to outrage.

"There is an MO of either: 'It's exactly as I see it, or you're my enemy.'

"It's a crazy thing that there is such a norm that seems to be devoid of nuance and compassion - and this is not about Star Wars, this is about everything - it's a crazy moment, so we knew starting this that any decision we made - a design decision, a musical decision, a narrative decision - would please someone and infuriate someone else. And they're all right."

Meanwhile, Abrams recently said that he and co-writer Chris Terrio went with their "gut" when it came to the film's script.

He said: "Chris Terrio and I, we began just asking ourselves what we wanted to see, what we thought was the inevitable conclusion of this nine chapter story. Asking about characters and themes and ideas, and knowing that going into it, whatever we did, we had to go with our gut. Because you have to just feel it through, and ask a million questions but go with your gut."

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