Bill Murray thinks he's unfairly developed a reputation for being difficult to work with.

Bill Murray

Bill Murray

The 67-year-old actor has previously been characterised as a temperamental on-set figure, which led to him being nicknamed the Murricaine, but Murray thinks his supposed mellowing over recent years is simply because he's now working with more like-minded, work-focused people.

The Hollywood icon explained: "I remember a friend said to me a while back: 'You have a reputation.' And I said: 'What?' And he said: 'Yeah, you have a reputation of being difficult to work with.' But I only got that reputation from people I didn't like working with, or people who didn't know how to work, or what work is.

"Jim [Jarmusch, with whom he has made two films], Wes [Anderson] and Sophia [Coppola], they know what it is to work, and they understand how you're supposed to treat people."

Murray admitted he's experienced on-set tensions with some of his previous directors.

And the comedy star is happy to concede that he doesn't like being dictated to by anyone.

He told the Guardian newspaper: "People think because they employed you they're allowed to treat you like a dictator, or whatever the worse word for dictator is. And that's always been a problem for me.

"Opening the door for someone behind you is as important as designing a building."

Despite this, Murray relishes being part of an ensemble, which he thinks could be linked to being part of a big family.

The actor - who was raised alongside his eight siblings - said: "Well, it's true I was born into a group, so I never knew anything else. And, you know, life is lonely. It's hard.

"So it's good to have a brother or sister next to you who can validate your feelings."