Cara Delevingne believes 'Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets' reflects real-life problems.

Cara Delevingne

Cara Delevingne

The model-turned-actress is currently starring in the latest Luc Besson movie as Sergeant Laureline alongside Dane DeHaan and despite the futuristic setting of the "fantasy in space", she insists the movie will still strike a chord with viewers.

She told the Daily Telegraph newspaper: "'Valerian' reflects a lot of the problems in the world today - war, religious differences, political issues, racism - but with a happy-go-lucky spin, because it's a fantasy in space.

"There are so many crises in the world today I think it's becoming more and more important to cling on to hope.

"If we lose hope, we lose everything."

Meanwhile, Cara recently shaved her head to portray a cancer patient in 'Life in a Year' opposite Jaden Smith, and despite her reputation as a party girl, she admitted to staying "sober, clean, and clear-headed" during the six-week shoot because the filming was so intense and she feared slipping into depression.

She said: "It was so important to be as focused as possible, because it was the most intense and difficult role I have ever played and it was very important to spend most of my time trying to learn about what it would be like to have cancer and putting myself in those situations.

"It was a very dark six weeks because I was thinking about death every second of every day. So if I wasn't completely clear headed it could have been very dangerous and I could have been sucked into depression."

And the 24-year-old beauty finds her new shorter do "liberating".

She said: "I'm in the short hair club. I like it because the maintenance is a lot less which is nice. I feel a lot more open and a little more vulnerable than when I had long hair, which is actually kind of liberating."