Chris Evans got "misty-eyed" reading the script for 'Gifted'.

Chris Evans

Chris Evans

The 36-year-old actor admitted his character Frank Adler - who cares for his niece, a mathematical genius - is very different to both himself and his most famous alter ego, Captain America, but he could relate to having a "complex" family to deal with.

He told Time Out magazine: "This is the kind of movie I would go and see. When I read it I got a little misty-eyed.

"I have a very big, colourful family who are complex at times. With friends you can always say 'f**k off' but with family you have to make it work.

"Captain America is so selfless and noble. Frank is a little bit more of a gorilla.

"He bottles up his feelings. That's very much not like me so it's fun to play the opposite."

Meanwhile, Chris' long-running contract with the Marvel Cinematic Universe is due to end after two more movies, and though he's looking forward to not having any "professional obligation" to stick to, he is expecting more tears when the time comes to say goodbye to his character.

He said: "It's exciting to not have any professional obligation but it has been a wonderful sense of job security.

"There will be tears when I have to hang up the suit."

Like many Marvel characters, there is a huge array of Captain America-themed merchandise available, and while Chris admitted it was initially "weird" seeing his face on lunchboxes and pyjama sets, his mother is an avid collector.

He said: "It was weird at first but now it's old hat. My mother has all of it. Her attic has turned into a museum of 'Captain America' memorabilia."