Salma Hayek's world was rocked when her dog died and Donald Trump won the Republican nomination - events which mirrored the script of 'Beatriz at Dinner'.

Salma Hayek

Salma Hayek

The 50-year-old actress plays the titular Beatriz in her latest movie, directed by Miguel Arteta and written by Mike White, and she explained that certain moments in the world and her life gave her a deeper understanding of the writer and the brilliance he'd created.

Salma's beloved nine-year-old German Shepherd Mozart was shot dead by her neighbour in February 2016 after the pooch ran onto the person's land which is adjacent to the star's Washington state ranch where she lives with her husband François-Henri Pinault.

Recalling how her canine was killed in an interview with, she said: "Mike wrote this script before Trump won the Republican nomination but so many things that have happened in my life and in the world starting happening after I read this script. Trump wins the nomination and then my neighbor kills my dog and it all goes back to Beatriz for me. But the way the police and everyone around me behaved after my dog was shot I remember calling [director Miguel Arteta] and sobbing and saying to him, 'I am discovering a whole new America that makes me think that Trump is going to win.' "

Describing Mike as a "visionary", Salma also referenced a scene in which John Lithgow's character Doug Stutts boasts of a safari trip - pointing out he later saw a photo of President Trump's sons with a dead leopard on a hunt of their own.

She added: "I read all of this a year and a half ago. My birthday is in September, so this would have been September 2015 when I read it and one after another all of these things have happened in America and in my life that were in the script."

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