Edgar Wright is developing a "couple" of ideas for his next project.

Edgar Wright

Edgar Wright

The 43-year-old filmmaker most recently directed the upcoming crime thriller 'Baby Driver' - which is to be released later this month - and whilst he's now searching for the movie he will make next, he admits he's got a few ideas on his plate at once.

Edgar has been attached to a movie adaptation of young adult book 'Grasshopper Jungle' by Andrew A. Smith for some time, and whilst he says work on that is "in the mix", it's not the only thing he's planning.

He said when asked if he was developing the novel: "Potentially. It's one of a couple of things that I'm developing. It's a book that I really enjoyed and there's a good screenplay and stuff. The exact next thing I don't have entirely worked out, but that is one of the things in the mix, yeah.

"The book was really good, really interesting way of doing a coming-of-age movie and I thought it was really progressive as well."

There's also sci-fi horror flick 'Collider', which Edgar started working on with fellow filmmaker J.J. Abrams in 2012, which the star says is also "in the mix", but development has been slow because it's an "ambitious idea".

He added when asked about the movie: "That's another one that's in sort of the mix. That's something that's really in the script stage. It's quite an ambitious idea, it's something we've been working on for quite a while."

One movie the director probably won't be working on is animated Dreamworks feature 'Shadows', as the people who hired him no longer work at the company, so he doesn't believe he's still attached to the project.

When asked about 'Shadows', Edgar told Collider.com: "Well I wrote three drafts of that, but because of the whole regime change there, most of the people that hired me and David Walliams to do it don't work there anymore. So at the moment that's not something that I'm necessarily attached to I think. It's something that's to be decided."