Tim Roth wants Quentin Tarantino to direct the next James Bond film.

Quentin Tarantino

Quentin Tarantino

The 56-year-old actor thinks his 'Hateful Eight' director - who is known for the strong violence in his films - would make the "goriest" installment ever in the spy series but believes it would alo have the sharpest script.

According to the New York Daily News newspaper, he said of the possibility: "What fun that would be and we would all be lining up for that one... It would also probably be the wittiest Bond ever."

While Daniel Craig is set to reprise his role as the suave spy for the fifth time with the next movie, Tim would love to be a Bond villain if Tarantino landed the director's job.

Speaking at a 25-year anniversary screening of 'Reservoir Dogs', Tim said: "Oh yeah, I would love to do that."

Michael Madsen - who appeared in Tarantino's 'Kill Bill' in 2003 and Bond film 'Die Another Day' the following year - also thinks the director would be a great choice.

He said: "He would be good. I have got to make friends with Daniel Craig so I can get in it."

And 'Django Unchained' star Walter Goggins thinks the 54-year-old filmmaker would give a different approach to the classic franchise.

He said: "So often Quentin is not given credit for how important he is visually as a filmmaker.

"He invented his own language. No one writes like he does. It is always magic."

Tarantino - who recently revealed he plans to make two more movies and will then retire - shied away from the suggestion, but reportedly seemed flustered when asked about his next project, insisting claims it was to be an examination of the Manson Family murders were being "misrepresented".

He said: "It's being misrepresented as a Manson film - that is all I can say."