Morfydd Clark loves the "revealing" nature of the horror genre.

Morfydd Clark has a huge interest in the horror genre

Morfydd Clark has a huge interest in the horror genre

The 33-year-old actress stars in the new creepy flick 'Starve Acre' and is keen to explore how the art form has different impacts on viewers after previously featuring in the psychological horror movie 'Saint Maud'.

Morfydd told The Hollywood Reporter: "This is what I always just love about horror in general, because everybody has their own particular thing that makes them be like, 'Oh'.

"I like that about 'Black Mirror' as well. I love asking people what their most horrific 'Black Mirror' is because it's quite revealing. I think horror is really interesting like that."

'Starve Acre' tells the story of how a family's peaceful rural life is thrown into chaos when their son starts acting strangely and Morfydd found it "quite eerie" to be shooting the project in an isolated house.

The 'Rings of Power' star said: "Yeah, I think you definitely do get creeped out. And that house we were in, it's in the valley so you couldn't see anything but the fields around you. There almost wasn't a horizon despite being in the middle of nowhere, which was quite eerie. You really did feel like you were trapped in openness.

"And those kinds of sets are such a weird mixture of having to be very serious at times, but also you're doing ridiculous things – everyone exhausted but elated and hysteria is only like a second away. And we also had a lot of animals."

Morfydd explained that she relished the "bonding experience" of making the indie film – which also features former 'Doctor Who' star Matt Smith.

She said: "There's something really special about indies, particularly ones that are filmed in one location.

"As I said, all the crew and cast could fit into one room and you do become incredibly close and you're in your own kind of cabin fever experience. It has a particular bonding experience."

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