Richard Curtis has written a sequel to 'Notting Hill'.

Richard Curtis has written a 'Notting Hill' sequel

Richard Curtis has written a 'Notting Hill' sequel

The 66-year-old screenwriter revealed that he has penned a short follow-up to the hit 1999 romcom starring Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant that would see the pair's characters getting divorced.

Speaking on the Have You Seen? Podcast, Richard said: "Recently I wrote – I was going to do it for Comic Relief but it wasn't good enough – I wrote 'Notting Hill 2'.

"(It) was going to be a 10-minute special set in the divorce lawyer's office with Hugh and Julia splitting up, and then they both realised they loved each other again."

Curtis has written hit movies such as 'Four Weddings and a Funeral' and 'Love Actually' but opts against making sequels as they are "a tricky road to go down".

He said: "I do think the second version of a romantic film is a tricky thing because what you do is you start with people who are together and you have to split them apart and then you have to put them back together again.

"The problem with dramas about marriages is that it's always literally got to be about either divorce or murder and yet the situation with most marriages is that they just go on and on and on.

"Actually the most realistic versions... of how marriage potters along, often I think happens in comedies."

The screenwriter – who recently vowed not to make "fat" jokes in his work again after being scolded by his daughter Scarlett – also described 'Love Actually' as an "atrocious" film.

Curtis said: "'Love Actually' is just, be it a good or – as my daughter would say, an atrocious racist, sexist, fattest film – it's in fact nine romantic comedies done in 10 minutes each."