Salma Hayek's daughter gave her mum acting notes on the set of 'Tale of Tales'.

Salma Hayek

Salma Hayek

Hayek's eight-year-old daughter Valentina - whom she has with husband Francois-Henri Pinault - has been "troublesome" whilst watching her mother act out her part as a childless queen in her new movie because she's been offering suggestions of how she can improve.

She said: "She's definitely a director and even in the silly comedies with Adam Sandler ['Grown Ups and Grown Ups 2'], since she was very, very little, she likes to stay right to the monitor. And it's troublesome because she likes to come over and give me notes. And I say, 'No, you're not allowed'. Then I think about the note and it's like, 'Damn - she's right'. They're good."

Meanwhile, Salma has to work hard to ensure her daughter is able to get proper schooling while she's at work.

She told HELLO! magazine: "It's very simple. I only work either in the summer or in the situations where I am never apart from her. The maximum in my whole life is two weeks. And that's why I also only take films in Europe or around her holiday schedules ... It gets complicated."

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