Salma Hayek's lap dance in 'Magic Mike’s Last Dance' was "very physically challenging".

Salma Hayek loved getting to be the 'boss' of 12 semi-naked men

Salma Hayek loved getting to be the 'boss' of 12 semi-naked men

The 56-year-old actress, who stepped in to replace Thandiwe Newton as the female lead in the upcoming male stripper flick, admitted the routine was so "complicated".

She told 'Entertainment Tonight': “It’s very physically challenging.

“My goodness. You just wait to see. It’s just complicated.”

When she was not dancing herself, Salma got to watch "12 semi-naked dancing and doing pirouettes".

Speaking to Antonio Banderas, she said: “I play a strong woman.

“You know what was my day going into the office? I would just sit around and watch, like, 12 men, semi-naked dancing and doing pirouettes. And I got to boss them around.”

Her 'Puss in Boots' co-star said he should have got a role in the flick and laughed: “Poor girl."

Salma said: “He would have. He would have shamed them.

“He’s a really good dancer, Antonio.”

Thandiwe made the "difficult decision" to step away from the film - which will see Channing Tatum reprise his role as Mike Lane - to "deal with family matters".

A Warner Bros. spokesperson told Variety: "Thandiwe Newton has made the difficult decision to step away from the production of Warner Bros. Pictures’ 'Magic Mike’s Last Dance' to deal with family matters."

Channing, 42, recently teased that 'Magic Mike's Last Dance' will be "wild."

He said: "We’re gonna go big. I mean truly, we're not gonna leave anything on the bench.

"We're taking it out, we're putting it on stage, it's gonna be wild.

"I was like, 'Why are we going to make a third one if not just go really, really, really for the stars?' "

The 'Lost City' star admitted returning to the stripper franchise - which since its debut in 2012 has gone on to spawn a stage musical and a reality television series - has been "fun", because the project is so familiar.

He said: "It's been fun reuniting with the crew. ['Magic Mike'] is kind of like home."