Daisy Ridley has asked Jerry Bruckheimer for a role in the female-led 'Pirates of the Caribbean' film.

Daisy Ridley has asked for a role in Pirates of the Caribbean

Daisy Ridley has asked for a role in Pirates of the Caribbean

The 32-year-old star worked with the hugely successful producer on her latest film 'Young Woman and the Sea' and put in a "shameless" request for a part in the female-centric flick that Margot Robbie is set to feature in.

Daisy told The Times newspaper: "Oh, I had a word. I'm shameless. People think I'm one tool short of the box, but I was like, 'Please give me a 'Pirates' job!'"

Meanwhile, the actress is reprising her role as Rey in the upcoming film 'Star Wars: New Jedi Order' and is looking forward to recapturing the "joy" she felt when working on the sequel trilogy of the famous sci-fi franchise.

Daisy said: "I can only say what my personal feeling of those films is. And it is joy. My twenties were filled with this amazing thing, which is why I'm going back."

Rey's backstory was changed during the course of the trilogy – much to the anger of the fans – but she explained that she was merely "submitting herself" to the whims of the director.

She explained: "I would say, that my feelings are slightly beside the point. And I never want to invalidate someone else's feelings.

"That was changed, I think. But I don't know. That's the thing. As an actor, you submit yourself to the vision of someone else – I'm generally saying to the director that I trust them."

Daisy has now realised that her work isn't going to impress everyone and is "comfortable" with that fact.

The 'Magpie' star said: "And I've become more comfortable knowing everything is not for everyone. I mean, it's obviously nice when people like it, but knowing that does not make things easier."