Suicide Squad has ended the reign of Finding Dory at the UK box office as it stormed to the #1 spot.

Suicide Squad

Suicide Squad

The movie may have received poor reviews from the critics, but fans have flocked to see the film over the weekend. Suicide Squad went on to gross £11.2 million.

It is the third largest opening of the year, behind Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Captain America: Civil War; which opened with £14.6 million and £14.4 million respectfully.

Suicide Squad has also enjoyed huge success at the U.S. box office this weekend and is already on course to be one of the biggest films of the summer. the movie was also the only new entry inside the top ten this week.

Finding Dory slipped just a single place this week's number two and was no match for the might of this new comic book film. So far, the latest Pixar film has grossed over £20 million at the UK box office alone.

Jason Bourne was also a one place faller this weekend, as it slipped from two to number three.

The BFG and Star Trek Beyond were also down one, as they ended the week at four and five.

The Secret Life of Pets fell out of the top five for the first time as the animated film slipped to six. Ghostbusters was another one-place faller at seven.

Ice Age: Collision Course and Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie were the only none-movers on the chart this week, as they stayed put at eight and nine.

The Legend of Tarzan was this week's biggest faller as the David Yates-directed film slipped three spots from seven to number ten.

  1. (-) Suicide Squad - £11,252,225
  2. (1) Finding Dory - £3,975,736
  3. (2) Jason Bourne - £2,448,307
  4. (3) The BFG - £1,713,088
  5. (4) Star Trek Beyond - £894,739
  6. (5) The Secret Life of Pets - £449,472
  7. (6) Ghostbusters - £284,109
  8. (8) Ice Age: Collision Course - £114,961
  9. (9) Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie - £85,319
  10. (7) The Legend of Tarzan - £67,766

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