Todd Phillips could become an adviser to DC Entertainment.

Todd Phillips could become an adviser to the studio

Todd Phillips could become an adviser to the studio

The 51-year-old filmmaker enjoyed great success as the director of 'Joker' in 2019, and David Zaslav - the President and CEO of Warner Bros. Discovery, which owns DC Entertainment - could now appoint him in a consultancy role.

Todd and David have already developed a strong rapport, and the filmmaker could play an increasingly prominent role in shaping the future of DC, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Todd could ultimately take on a Kevin Feige-like role at DC, helping to connect the company's different film projects and characters to each other.

Kevin, 49, is the President of Marvel Studios and he's been credited with a lot of the company's success over the last decade.

Todd received huge acclaim after making the 'Joker' movie in 2019. But the director previously claimed that audiences overlooked one of the film's central themes.

Speaking about the movie - which starred Joaquin Phoenix as the titular character - he explained: "If I had to drill down on one overarching theme for me, it’s about the power of kindness and a lot of people miss that.

"I think if you don’t see that you either don’t have a soul or you’re being reductive to make up for your own struggles in that area.

"But, really, to me, that’s where it started from and there are other things in the movie like lack of love, the lack of empathy in society, and childhood trauma, but the power of kindness really runs through this film."