Vinnie Jones rejected the chance to appear in 'Deadpool and Wolverine'.

Vinnie Jones reluctantly turned down a cameo in Deadpool and Wolverine

Vinnie Jones reluctantly turned down a cameo in Deadpool and Wolverine

The 59-year-old star previously played the role of Cain Marko/Juggernaut in the 2006 film 'X-Men: The Last Stand' but turned down the opportunity to make a cameo as the villain in the hotly-anticipated flick alongside Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman as he couldn't face the physical and mental toil of getting into costume.

Vinnie told Yahoo Movies UK: "Funnily enough I just got asked to do 'Deadpool', the new one now, and I spoke to the director and I just said it’s such a drama putting that suit on mentally and physically.

"It had its mental toll as well because you’re in it and you can’t do anything all day, you can only drink through a straw. So we couldn’t strike the deal for 'Deadpool [and Wolverine]'."

The former footballer admits that saying no caused him immense pain as he is a huge fan of Reynolds' wise-cracking superhero.

Vinnie said: "But 'Deadpool’s' my favourite movie of all time more or less. I really wanted to do it, but they didn’t have the budget to put me in the suit."

The 'Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels' actor featured opposite Jackman in 'X-Men: The Last Stand' but has bad memories of the movie as his part was drastically changed when Brett Ratner replaced Matthew Vaughn in the director's chair.

Jones recalled: "The new director came on and it was not the same role as I had signed on to do.

"They diluted the dialogue... The director brought in so many moving parts and so many other actors that mine got diluted.

"I lost all interest quite early because I knew they were just taking me along... I was very upset really. It was such a big stage and I became an extra, that's what happened."