Horror movies have, and possibly always will be, a wonderful addition to any cinema. They've got the power to frighten and haunt, and it seems smaller studios, such as Lightbulb Film Distribution, as taking on the challenge of making a horror worth watching. 

We’re All Going to The World’s Fair is an upcoming horror from Utopia and Strike Media, who also had a hand in creating Broadcast Signal Intrusion (2022), which suggests that the film is in good hands. 

The movie will be coming to UK cinemas next month (April, 2022) and, following its premiere at Sundance Film Festival, the feature also played at Fantasia and Grimmfest (UK premiere). 

We’re All Going to The World’s Fair is directed by Jane Schoenbrun, and stars Anna Cobb in her breakout role; the score was written and performed by Alex G. 

The film follows Casey (Cobb), a girl who is intrigued by The World’s Fair, which appears to be an online role-playing game that leads you to the Fair, once you’ve paid your dues. 

Get ready... / Picture Credit: Strike Media
Get ready... / Picture Credit: Strike Media

The trailer highlights the creepiest parts of the upcoming feature, as Casey goes from figuring out what The World’s Fair really is, to seemingly becoming part of the game, and a pawn for whoever is running the show. 

We’re All Going to The World’s Fair has already received some fantastic praise, such as Sight & Sound, who claimed the movie to be “Remarkable... a striking modern horror.” 

Other praises for We’re All Going to The World’s Fair include Sales & Acquisitions Director for the film, Peter Thompson, who stated that “We’re All Going to the World’s Fair is an immersive modern horror film. It’s an exploration of internet culture and identity through a chilling coming-of-age story. Schoenbrun is a visionary filmmaker; an exciting new voice in elevated horror. We are excited to bring this powerful and unique film to UK and Irish audiences.” 

If the trailer is not enough to draw viewers’ interests, then the largely positive comments about the movie should definitely see moviegoers head to the cinema to check it out. 

We’re All Going to The World’s Fair releases in cinemas on April 29th, 2022, and on digital download May 9th, 2022.

Written by Melissa, who you can follow on Twitter @melissajournal

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