Research reveals the top hates involving unneighbourly behavior, qualities they wish they had and the lengths they would go to if neighbours behave badly.

Bad Neighbours II

Bad Neighbours II

Hates range from barking dogs, nosey neighbours to the Kardashians - are your hates shared by the majority.

The survey marks the release of Bad Neighbours 2, out now on Blu-ray, DVD and Digital HD.

Taking the ultimate action in the fight against bad neighbours is the 35-44 age group, with a staggering 25% previously seeking either legal or police advice when faced with problems next door. 62% of Brits would take desperate measures and move house if faced with a nightmare neighbour, with 55% crossing the road to avoid small talk with those they class as 'boring'.

The UK's worst neighbours are those who have loud pets, park on your driveway or lower the tone of the neighbourhood by having an untidy garden; with the top ten neighbourly grievances listed below:

  1. Have a loud dog that barks throughout the night (14.4%)
  2. Takes your parking spot or blocks your driveway (13.9%)
  3. Have an untidy garden (13.3%)
  4. Have a tree/hedge that is overgrowing into your sunlight (10.6%)
  5. Have loud parties (9.7%)
  6. Let their cat use your garden as a toilet (8.3%)
  7. Have obnoxious kids (7.9%)
  8. Watch films or TV with the volume turned up (6.0%)
  9. Have a constantly crying baby (5.8%)
  10. Spy on you and comment to neighbours/ to you directly (4.1%)

Although spying neighbours may only make it to tenth place, the nation shouldn't relax, as 10% of 18-24 year olds have confessed to spying on their neighbours having sex or walking around naked.

It is not all doom and gloom, however, as 60% find comfort in chatting with those on the street every few days or more. The survey reveals that the nation's top wish list of neighbourly qualities are:

1. Someone who will sign for deliveries (66.8%) 2. Someone you can chat with (66%) 3. Someone who will call the police if they suspect you're being burgled (64.8%) 4. Someone who will let you know if you've left your car's headlights on (49.4%) 5. Someone who makes sure their garden/house is in good condition (33.2%) 6. Someone who will lend you tools/ household items (31.1%) 7. Someone who will look after your pets while you're away (25.3%) 8. Someone who brings a bottle of wine around when you first move in (19.9%) 9. Someone who will give you a lift to work (16.9%) 10. Someone who will cook for you if you're ill (14.7%)

40% of the UK said living next to celebrities would be a nightmare, with The Kardashians leading the spot (20%) as stars most feared to share a street with. Justin Bieber comes close in second place (17.2%) and Jeremy Clarkson ranks third (11.9%).

Results also highlighted the north/south divide, as those in the North East value someone you can chat with most highly in a neighbour (77.5%). Londoners, however, prefer someone who will sign for deliveries (67%). The Scots are those most likely to act on their grievances with neighbours, as over a quarter confessed to seeking legal or police advice to tackle the problem (26%).

Bad Neighbours 2, is the explosively funny follow-up to Bad Neighbours, and features the return of Mac (Seth Rogen) and Kelly Radner (Rose Byrne) as they face-off against the all-girl sorority next door with the help of ex-neighbour Teddy (Zac Efron). Bad Neighbours 2, is an outrageous comedy from start to finish and comes to Blu-ray and DVD today.

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