Do you enjoy watching casino-inspired movies? If you do, you have probably noticed how that industry and genre are more dominated by men. However, digging deep and looking at some other characters, you can notice that there are some strong women in that male-centered world. That is why we should take a look at some of those strong female characters and what made them so special. Let's dive in. 

Strong Female Characters

Strong Female Characters

The Relation Between Gambling and Movies

Gambling and casino games attract people from all around the world and from different backgrounds. There's just something unique in that vibe that inspires people to engage in various games, and movie creators to make casino-related movies in return. And with the gambling industry constantly thriving and also transiting into the digital realm, where new casinos are being launched every day, we can only expect new movie titles to come up in the future. Does that mean we will also see more casino-themed films showing strong female characters? We believe it does. Until then, here are some of the most iconic casino female movie roles so far. 

Joan Boothe, The Lady Gambles

The Lady Gambles is a classic casino-inspired movie that drives the same attention today as when first released in 1965. The leading female role was entrusted to an incredible Barbara Stanwyck. 

In her brilliant performance, Barbara depicts the character of Joan Boothe, a woman who accompanies her reporter husband on a trip to Las Vegas. However, Joan could not imagine coming to Sin City would turn her life upside down.

Joan tries her luck in a casino game in a moment of boredom. Suddenly, she realises how exciting gambling is. So she becomes addicted and uses her husband's expense money to engage in casino games. Unfortunately, the beginning of her love for casinos ended her marriage. The Lady Gambles is a story of addiction, love, and struggles. 

Barbara Stanwyck as Joan Boothe proves how significant strong female characters in casino-based movies are. She reminds us that standing behind our choices, even if they are wrong, is what we owe to ourselves despite all. 

Margaret Ford, House of Games

The next on our list is Dr. Margaret Ford, played by Lindsay Crouse. Dr. Ford is a successful psychiatrist, conned to support one man in a poker game. 

Her expertise is to examine human behaviour, but in this film, we see how people, including Dr. Ford can easily fall into the trap of temptation, acting in the most surprising ways.

From going to a bar owned by a man who is a potential danger to her patient's life to deciding to help that man cheat in a poker game, Ford behaves uncommonly to a professional trained to help others deal with unacceptable behaviours. 

Crouse did a fantastic job in House of Games, and her performance has made this 80s movie an excellent casino-based thriller with lots of unexpected twists and turns. 

Annabelle Bransford, Maverick

By the time Maverick was released, we had got to know Jodie Foster and her breathtaking talent. However, at that point, no one expected her to play in a comedy, especially not in a western-style, casino-themed one. But that's what distinguishes mediocre and outstanding artists; the ability to play different roles and conquer every movie genre they want. 

First released in 1994, the movie starring Mel Gibson and Jodie Foster, became an instant hit. Gibson was the perfect actor for portraying Maverick, a con artist in high-stakes poker tournaments. Maverick is on a mission to prove he is the best poker player in the world, but once he comes across Annabelle Bransford, played by Foster, he realises conquering the throne will not be as easy as he expected. 

The Gibson-Foster duo was a complete success, making Maverick a movie everyone should watch, especially poker enthusiasts. 

Ginger McKenna, Casino 

Casino is a 1995 crime film directed by Martin Scorsese, starring Robert De Niro, Joe Pesci, Sharon Stone, and James Woods. Among the big names, Sharon Stone portrays the character of gorgeous Ginger McKenna. 

Her hypnotising beauty and attitude attract Ace, played by De Niro. The two of them fall in love and get married. Their entire relationship and the film revolve around drama, cheating, stealing, and gambling. 

The role of Ginger McKenna brought Stone many nominations and awards. She won a Golden Globe for the best actress in motion picture drama and was nominated for Dallas-Fort Worth Film Critics Award. 

Vesper Lynd, Casino Royale 

Last but not least, is Vesper Lynd, played by Eva Green in the 2006 Casino Royale. According to both critics and audiences, this blockbuster is one of the best Bond movies, and Eva Green was really breathtaking. 

In the film, Secret Agent 007 is set out on a mission to find Le Chiffre, a man associated with finance terrorism. M16 sends James Bond to play poker against him, and that's the beginning of many unexpected and adrenaline-driven twists and turns. 

Eva Green makes a memorable appearance in this Bond Movie by portraying the character of Vesper Lynd. Her brilliant mind and mesmerising beauty capture 007's attention. However, her role is to manage the money M16 provides.

It's Movie Time

We hope our list inspired you to organise a movie night with your loved ones or even try your luck in some casino game. Still, it is crucial to remember that the purpose of casino games, like movies, is to enjoy them and have fun.

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