When it comes to dinosaurs on the big screen, no movie has done it as well as Jurassic Park back in 1993. Despite the movie being over twenty years old, this is one of the greatest movies to have ever graced the big screen.

Jurassic Park

Jurassic Park

Jurassic World has hit the big screen and is the fourth film in the series - the movie is set twenty years after the events of the first and takes us back to Isla Nublar.

We look back to the 1993 original and pick out the most iconic movies that thrill us time and time again.

- Welcome to Jurassic Park

I don't know about you, but the best moment in the entire movie is when we see the mighty Brachiosaurus at the beginning of the film. While we know that there are Velociraptors on the island but this is our first proper look at what John Hammond and co have achieved.

In this moment, we see these creatures through the eyes of Alan and Ellie and it remains a movie moment that still takes my breath away.

Not content with showing just one Brachiosaurus, we see several as well as a herd of Parasaurolophus in the distance - highlighting that Isla Nublar really is teeming with prehistoric life. The rousing score by John Williams makes this a truly iconic moment.

- Sick Triceratops

We see the Triceratops for the first time when Alan, Ellie and co break out of their cars on the tour and head into the park on foot. Here they find a sick Triceratops and gives the characters their first chance to get up close to a live dinosaur.

We all remember the character of Alan Grant putting his head on the side of the Triceratops to listen to her breathe.

Sadly, this is the one and only time that we see the Triceratops in the film - put it is a great movie moment.

- Meet Tyrannosaurus Rex

Of course, no dinosaur movie would be complete without an appearance from Tyrannosaurus Rex - and this creature makes one hell of a memorable entrance.

Director Steven Spielberg ramps up the tension by just showing water vibrating in a glass before we get a sneak peak of T-Rex on the other side of the fence eating a goat.

With the power out, it is not long before T-Rex is though that fence and terrorising Lex and Tim and the car that they pair are in. This is the greatest introduction to any of the dinosaurs in this movie and is a scene that looks as fantastic today as it did back in 1993.

- Car In The Tree

Following on from the above T-Rex scene, Tim finds himself push over the edge of an embankment and into a below tree. Alan ventures into the tree to find Tim and the pair must race to the bottom as the car begins to slide down the tree.

There may not be a dinosaur in sight in the scene, but that doesn't stop it from being another heart stopping moment of action. It is one of the few scenes in the film where a dinosaur is not the main threat.

- Dennis Nedry's Death

From the moment that you clap eyes on Dennis Nedry you know that he is up to no good and deserves to get his comeuppance... and that is exactly what has happened.

Nedry has left the park with out power, resulting chaos and the loss of life, all so that he can steal dinosaur embryos and get them off the island.

In the middle of the storm Nedry takes a wrong turn to the dock and crashes his car. As every second passes his great plan is unravelling - things only go from bad to worse when he comes face to face with a Dilophosaurus. He meets a rather painful end and secretly, we are all quite pleased about it.

- Raptors In The Kitchen

We are given glimpses of the raptors throughout the film, but it is not until the kitchen scene with Lex and Tim that we truly see how clever they are.

The raptors hunt Lex and Tim around the kitchen - only some swift thinking from both of them prevents them from becoming lunch.

This is one of the film's most terrifying scenes - raptors chasing two children around an enclosed space really looks like it is only going to end one way.

- T-Rex vs Raptors

The raptors are still in pursuit of Lex and Tim but not Alan and Ellie are in danger as well. Despite getting the power back on, this is not enough to keep them at bay.

The four of them are cornered by the raptors in the visitors centre before T-Rex steps in. The T-Rex and the Raptors go head to head, allowing Alan, Ellie, Lex and Tim to escape.

The T-Rex seeing off the challenge from the Raptors and sending out an almighty roar just as a banner saying 'When dinosaurs ruled the earth' is a very powerful final dinosaur scene.

Other great moments include death of Robert Muldoon aka Bob Peck, the hatching eggs on the visitor centre tour, 'Must drive faster' as Ellie, Ian and Robert are racing away from T-Rex, and Alan, Lex and Tim climb the perimeter fence.

Jurassic World is out now.

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