It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, and this December (2021), The Roku Channel has an amazing variety of new and free content for its users in order to get them in the festive mood! 

What will you be watching this holiday season? / Picture Credit: Roku

What will you be watching this holiday season? / Picture Credit: Roku

The Roku Channel is available on Roku, Sky Q and NOW, and has a large collection of films and TV shows for audiences to flick through; and, with no subscription fees or login needed, there's no reason not to indulge. 

Another year has almost passed, and for many of us it was a stressful one. However, with Christmas fast-approaching, what could be better than wrapping yourself in blankets, making a hot chocolate, and checking out Roku’s festive features? 

Festive films: 

Zoey’s Extraordinary Christmas, Roku’s first ever original film, is now available to watch. This musical movie follows Zoey’s (Jane Levy) journey as she moves into the first Christmas without her father, who has passed away. Zoey wants to throw the perfect holiday event, but can she manage without her father? (Check out our review HERE.)

The Dog Who Saved the Holidays is the perfect feature for any dog-lover. Two dogs are left home alone while two robbers plan to invade their home, and the pair of pups must work together to stop them. 

The Great Northern Candy Drop is just right for your little ones during the festive season. The pilot of candy air-drop is confronted by a visitor who isn’t the biggest fan of Christmas... 

My Best Friend’s Christmas invites you to live your own winter romance through this wonderful film’s narrative. The movie is based on a girl who comes back home just before Christmas in the hopes of reconnecting with her high school sweetheart. 

Guess Who’s Coming To Christmas is a festive film that will remind you how important family, love and kindness is during the holidays. It truly makes you believe in the magic of Christmas! 

Skylar Astin and Jane Levy in Zoey's Extraordinary Christmas / Picture Credit: Roku
Skylar Astin and Jane Levy in Zoey's Extraordinary Christmas / Picture Credit: Roku

It’s Christmas Carol is set in Chicago on Christmas Eve, and publishing executive Carol is haunted by her deceased boss, who makes an untimely return during the holiday season... 

Road to Christmas is based around a Los Angeles TV producer, who is creating a Christmas Special for the fifth year in a row; however, they accidentally fall in love with the wrong person along the way... 

Window Wonderland lets you experience the power of Christmas magic. This holiday feature tells us the love story of two department store co-workers who have their eyes on the same prize. 

A Christmas Carol is a classic we all know well, that is inspired by Charles Dicken’s original; watch as the story of Scrooge unfolds. 

Seasonal shows: 

ICE invites you to sit back and relax with this dark, dangerous and dramatic crime-inspired TV series that is based on diamond traders in downtown Los Angeles. 

This Life is a touching series tells a story about Natalie and her quest to prepare her teenage children for a life without her. 

The Immigrant is a deep, moving American drama set in New York in the early 20s, about immigrants looking for a better life after escaping their home after the war in Poland. 

Apparitions follows the life of a Roman Catholic priest who examines and witnesses the strangest miracles, and performs the most concerning exorcisms. 

Watch all this festive content, and more, on Roku now! 

Written by Melissa, who you can follow on Twitter @melissajournal

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