X-Men: Days of Future Past

X-Men: Days of Future Past

X-Men: Days of Future Past is one of the 2014 movies that we are already excited about as Bryan Singer returns to the X-Men franchise.

It seems wrong to be looking ahead to next year's films when there are still so many exciting ones on the horizon in 2013... but in this case it cannot be helped.

Singer brought up X-Men and X2 and now he is back with the sequel to X-Men: First Class, and we have the first full length trailer for you to take a look at:

What is so excited about this upcoming movie is the cast list as the new generation of X-Men stars meet the members of the original line-up.

James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender are back as Charles Xavier and Erik Lehnsherr, while Jennifer Lawrence and Nicholas Hoult are also back.

Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellan will also be playing the role of Professor Xavier and Megneto, while Hugh Jackman and Halle Berry will be returning as Wolverine and Storm.

But there are also some new characters to watch out for as Peter Dinklage will play Bolivar Trask and Evan peters is on board as Quicksilver.

Singer has already hinted that Days of Future Past is darker than any X-Men movie that we have seen in the franchise so far.

The ultimate X-Men ensemble fights a war for the survival of the species across two time periods in X-Men: Days Of Future Past.

The beloved characters from the original X-Men film trilogy join forces with their younger selves from X-Men: First Class, in an epic battle that must change the past - to save our future.

There are some fantastic blockbuster films on the horizon in 2014, and X-Men: Days of Future Past is just one of them.

X-Men: Days of Future Past is released May 2014.

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