Blink 182 return in 2011

Blink 182 return in 2011

When the band announced their hiatus in 2005, it looked like it was the end of Blink 182. The boys went their separate ways and worked with new people. Tom DeLonge went to Angels and Airwaves, Travis Barker went to (well, stuck with as they formed during the blink days) The Transplants and Mark Hoppus went to +44. It would seem the boys had out grown each other. It was a sad time for all the fans.

However, with that said and when we all thought there was no way we’d see them again, they returned. In celebration of their tour in the summer of 2011 we look back at the rise and fall and rise again of the biggest punk band ever to walk the earth.

The Early Days

In the suburb of San Diego, the group formed, recording demo tapes in anytime they had spare. When the group were signed, their popularity spiralled. Tom believed in the band so much that he left his girlfriend when he was confronted with the ultimatum of choosing one or the other. There is no doubt that he never looked back and regretted it. This wasn’t just an ordinary band releasing songs that ordinary bands release, these were three kids trapped in adult bodies, putting fun into everyday life. “All The Small Things” music video is just one example of how humorous these guys can be and the response was over whelming that before the band knew it, they were wining and dining with the best.

“Take Off Your Pants And Jacket” was the album that made them the ultimate rock gods. It went to number one and in the first week sold over 350,000 copies. It maybe the bands fourth album but many would say it was their first album as a professional band. The album sold 14 million copies worldwide, gaining platinum in the US. “The Rock Show”, “Stay Together For The Kids” and “First Date” became singles and was a massive hit with the youth at the time. The singles are still aired on radios and music channels. Blink 182 made an impression that would be left imprinted on play lists for years to come. I dread to think when we won’t hear them again.

Their self titled album did just as well but was a slight change in tune to their previous work. The band were growing up and there was no denying that the music had to grow up too. It isn’t to say that they couldn’t have fun, which was evidently shown in the video for “Feeling This” with semi naked girls and toilet roll. Need I say anymore. This band had it all, the money, the fame and all that came with it.


That was until in 2005 when tensions began to build up. Tom felt he had “overplayed music” and wanted to spend time with his family. Their manager went with the decision, forcing the band to cancel their “Always” tour. Ever since Tom let his feelings be known, more tension escalated bringing the band to the decision of an “indefinite hiatus”. Fan worldwide were devastated, although the band hadn’t said they were splitting, many felt it was a better way to break it to fans as other bands in the past had gone on hiatus and never returned.

During their hiatus, individually, each band member began to embark on new adventures. Angels and Airwaves, Tom’s project became a massive success in the UK, frequently touring around the country. It was a new side to the rock genre, which had a mellow tone to the average punk rock band. Mark’s band +44 also made quite an impression on UK citizens, with requests to play festivals that seemed never ending.

Travis Barker was quite possibly the most successful during the hiatus and used this time to make the most of his fame. His family were offered by MTV to host a show called “Meet The Barkers” which would document the rock star’s life behind the music. He also became the face of Famous Stars and Straps, designed his own signature drum sticks for inspired drummers and was hitting the media here, there and everywhere. Travis Barker was unstoppable.


However, his fortune began to slip away when his marriage to Shannon Moakler, a former Miss USA beauty queen broke down, leading to reports that the couple had split and were getting divorced. But the most terrifying ordeal Barker had to face was yet to come.

In 2008, Barker was due to take a flight to California when the plane malfunctioned, it ran off the runway and caught fire. Barker survived but in critical condition. The accident resulted in 4 deaths, including the Barker’s personal assistant who was seen in “Meet The Barkers” show frequently. Barker was left traumatised and needed months of recovery.

Happy Ending?

In 2009 there was speculation about the band getting back together. Many shrugged the rumours off thinking they couldn’t be true after Barker’s accident and others held their breath and prayed it was true. It was true. The band announced they would be getting back together to make an album and go on tour. But what is on everyone’s mind is: How long will the band last before they officially call it quits?

Now we’re in the last days of 2010, the bands have sold out their tour in the UK, set to be in July 2011, and a 6th album in the works. Could this be a new beginning for Blink 182? We’ll see in 2011.

Naomi Havergal