Christmas Presents

Christmas Presents

Christmas songs are just like biscuits, everyone’s got a favourite. From Mariah Carey to The Pogues, there’s a Christmas song for all of us out there, but have you ever stopped to think what it says about you?

Well worry no longer, as Smooth Christmas, the UK’s only dedicated Christmas radio station commissioned relationship expert and writer Flic Everettto dig into the hidden meanings behind you favourite festive choice. 

“We all have the songs we love and look forward to hearing every year,” says Flic Everett, “But the song that means the most to you can say more about your personality than you’d think.”

Fairytale of New York (The Pogues & Kirsty McColl) 

If you love this one, it suggests you have a curious, open-minded nature. You like to challenge expectations - and in the same way that this is a beautiful, festive song about a low-life break-up - you hate to be judged on first appearances. In relationships you’re stimulating and lively, always up for a debate, but sometimes you can be controversial for its own sake. You’re likely to have lots of friends- being able to see beyond the obvious is important to you, and people appreciate it. You like a Christmas drink, and can get a little sentimental- but never in a bad way.

White Christmas (Bing Crosby)

Needless to say, loving this one makes you a sentimental old traditionalist. For you, Christmas should be exactly the same every year - the pudding should be done in November, the cards written with a glass of mulled wine, and the turkey ordered with weeks to spare. You are not a fan of spontaneity or surprises. You are equally responsible and cautious in day to day life- you love things to be calm and predictable, and you enjoy a spot of old fashioned romance involving flowers and candlelight - you’d no sooner read Fifty Shades of Grey than you’d jump naked out of a cake. Steady, safe and sweet - that’s you. 

All I Want For Christmas Is You (Mariah Carey)

If you love Mariah’s epic festive song, you’re a cheerful type who people want to be around. You almost certainly have plenty of Gay Best Friends, and enjoy a bit of retro glamour. In normal life, you tend not to sweat the small stuff, believing that life’s too short to spend it worrying. You’re easygoing, kind and a bit scatterbrained, and there’s a danger that less scrupulous types could take advantage of your good nature if you’re not careful. But you’ll do anything for anyone, and you’ll always have friends who appreciate that; even if your love life can be rocky, because you tend to give people the benefit of the doubt too often!

I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday (Wizzard)

Well, aren’t you the life of the party? If this disco stomper is your favourite festive song, it suggests that what you see is what you get. You tend to take people at face value, and are immensely loyal to old friends. You don’t like to dig too deeply into emotional issues- you’d prefer to get on with things, and when relationships end, you’re straight on to the next. Sometimes you aren’t sure what’s gone wrong - but you’re not going to spend hours thinking about it. You’re a do-er who enjoys the simple things in life, and loved ones can always rely on you - there’s no hidden dark side or unexpected surprises.

Driving Home For Christmas (Chris Rea)

The poignant meaning of this song goes deep if this is your fave, as for you, Christmas is all about loved ones. You’ve had some sadness in your life, and value what you have all the more highly as a result. You have a tendency to worry, and you take on responsibility for the happiness of everyone around you. You’re most content when surrounded by your family and close friends, and would rather be at home with the TV and family than at a wild party. Your worst fear is letting people down, and your choices are based on what’s best for others. You seldom think about yourself- but sometimes, you’d be happier if you took care of your own needs too!

Merry Xmas Everybody (Slade)

You are never happier than when you’re surrounded by people - friends, strangers, it doesn’t matter, so long as you’re at the heart of the crowd. You’re the person who volunteers for everything, who’s up all night making the kids’ panto costume and arranging the office drinks next day. You love to be needed, hate being alone, and are an optimist by nature. You tend to see the best in everybody, and are full of forgiveness when they don’t behave - you treat people as you’d like to be treated yourself, and it’s much appreciated.

Last Christmas (Wham)

Romantic, nostalgic and very, very 80s - if this one’s your favourite, you see Christmas as a time to catch up with people from the past - whether that’s friends, family or exes. You don’t like the idea of moving on - and you’re probably also a hoarder of old love letters, cards and photos that you just can’t bear to part with. You loved your teen years, and struggle occasionally with the idea of getting ‘old’.  In your heart, you’d like to be 16 forever. In relationships, you’re 100% committed when you’re happy - but if things are rocky, you’re soon looking for a way out. You want life to be perfect and sometimes, it disappoints you, but you never stay down for very long.

Do They Know It's Christmas? (Band Aid)

If this is your favourite, you’re someone who’s not always sure of yourself - you tend to go with the crowd, and you’re a little self-conscious about speaking up in meetings. You’d rather sit silently than risk being challenged, and your idea of hell is a party where you don’t know anyone. But when you do trust yourself, you have a lot to offer - people tend to rely on you, because you’re full of common sense and practical skills. You may leave the office party sober, but you’ll be the one handing out Alka Seltzer the next day. Build up your confidence, and you’ll realise you’re much loved.

Let It Snow (Dean Martin) 

If you love Dean Martin, you’re a very stylish type. You’re always aware of fashion, and advising friends on what’s in, out and over. You also have a soft heart, and are easily distracted- you’re likely to have a career that requires several different skills, as you’re easily bored. You love the good life, and tend to over-spend, particularly at Christmas, as you crave beautiful things and want to make everyone else happy too. You have no trouble attracting partners - but they have to be just as exciting and fashionable as you, or you’ll quickly lose interest!

Stop The Cavalry (Jona Lewie)

If this is your favourite, you’re unusual, offbeat and thoughtful. You’re more interested in other people’s feelings than your own, and are probably the agony aunt or uncle of your group. You’re not a pessimist, but you are realistic - you don’t expect everything to be perfect, so you’re seldom surprised by life. You have a wise outlook, and can take most things in your stride. At Christmas, sometimes you find all the enforced jollity a bit much but you will join in, because you’d hate to hurt anyone’s feelings. In relationships you’re committed, loyal and thoughtful - a perfect catch!