Jon Lee

Jon Lee

When these pictures dropped into my inbox this morning, I almost spilt coffee all over my keyboard in actual shock… Jon Lee from S Club 7 looks, well, menacing.

Ten years ago Jon and his mates were parading around in bright colours and making Miami 7, but now he seems to have had a complete image overhaul and popped back up in our lives as an actor.

Despite the fact that all my mates fancied Paul Cattermole, I knew I was onto a good thing with Jon, (where’s Paul now? Oh, playing S Club 3 with Jo and Bradley) and so we’re super excited to hear that we can now drag out our old pencils cases and posters and reaffirm our love for the cheesy popstar.

S Club 7

Okay, so he’s ditched the pretty boy popstar look and gone all ‘rah!’ for his new moneymaker he’ll be doing a stint in Casualty, playing the part of Craig, young man who un-expectantly gets struck down by Motor Neuron Disease in the popular hospital drama.

Jon said; “Playing a character that suffers from a disease such as Motor Neurone requires so much more research, planning and thinking before I even go on set. The worst thing you can do as an actor is mis-represent. I had a great time playing the role of Craig and the cast and crew were fantastic to work with.'
Springing onto our screens on May 22nd, FemaleFirst is going to have a party with nibbles and cherryade. Are YOU as excited as us?

FemaleFirst - Ruth Harrison

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