Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift

With the news being confirmed today that Taylor Swift and Harry Styles’ brief fling is no more, the jokes starting coming in about ‘Fake Song Titles’ for her next album started coming thick and fast.

While this was just another example of the internet being the internet once again, it raises a massive point that the country music star is real danger of sabotaging her career.

Over the past two years in particular, the biggest news surrounding Taylor Swift is who she is currently dating or breaking up from. Even the massive sales figures from her album only took the spotlight off her love life for a minute or two.

Remember the topics of conversation when she won the world over with her second album? It was all about how talented a singer and songwriter she was for being so young. Even though the songs were still about boys, it was teenage longing.

It’s years later though, and the songs haven’t really grown up too much apart from now they’re mainly break up songs with a whole lot of outside media context. She can’t write the same tween focussed songs and get away with it for another album; she has to grow up if she’s got any sort of real long term future.

Take the first song off this new album, "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together". It's the rant of a high schooler.

Everyone makes jokes about her albums just being full of songs about her love life, but the punch line is horribly accurate. Take her latest album Red, a record which it’s not hard to go through and nail down exactly which famous face any of the songs could be talking about. Overly subtle she isn’t.

Now with the high profile recent splits from both Connor Kennedy and Harry Styles coming within three months of each other, fans online are speculating as to how much of the album will be dedicated to them, as well as who’s next in her hit parade.

It doesn’t help her PR image either. She used to be known as the brightest star in country pop, the vanguard of a new generation’s involvement in an entire musical genre and had a squeaky clean image. Now she’s known as the crazy girl who runs from one relationship to the next with barely a breath in-between. Just a little bit of a downgrade.

Here’s a free tip for you Taylor; be single for a while. Don’t go into another high profile relationship, stay alone for a wee bit and write some songs about that, about being a 23 year old girl having fun with her friends. Maybe even get back to your country roots once again. It’ll be more than a nice change of pace for all involved.

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