Lady Gaga - 'Do What U Want'

Lady Gaga - 'Do What U Want'

Christina Aguilera and Lady Gaga laid to rest any rumours of a feud in 'The Voice' finale , when the singers joined together for a collaboration performance of Gaga's latest single 'Do What U Want'.

Blonde hair, shoulder pads and skin coloured outfits were the order of the night, as the two powered their way through the track - even holding hands at one point.

The duet heated up when Gaga rested her head on Christina's chest, before they both grabbed a glass of champagne, finished the song and proceeded to link arms and drink from their cups.

Following the performance, Gaga was lavished with praise from the iconic voice:

"“This is the first time we’ve ever met and I have to say, when I heard she wanted to collaborate I said, ‘Of course! Lady Gaga!’ I’ve been waiting to meet her. She’s such an innovative artist and a risk taker and as a fellow female, I have so much respect for that,” Christina said, before continuing: “And I just have to say guys, she’s like the most down to earth real person that I’ve ever met in this business. Female to female in this industry, it’s really hard to find that kind of a person. I love you girl and you deserve everything that you’ve earned.”

She then took to Twitter following the finale and said:

to which Gaga replied:

Could this be our new favourite female pop friendship? We think so, and we hope it leads to an actual collaboration on a brand new record!

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