Let's face it; 2016 hasn't been one of the most impressive years we've had in recent memory. We've had both the UK and USA divided due to Brexit and the Presidential Election, whilst countless famous faces have passed away including some all-time greats in David Bowie, Prince and the like.

Gaga released new album 'Joanne'

Gaga released new album 'Joanne'

Fortunately, there are those who help us get by in a time like this, and none more so than the artists dropping brand new albums full of addictive, infectious tunes that we'll likely have on a loop for the next 12 months and beyond. Here are just five of those records we've not stopped listening to since release…

1) Lady Gaga - 'Joanne'

2) James Arthur - 'Back From The Edge'

3) Solange Knowles - 'A Seat at the Table'

4) Frank Ocean - 'Blond'

5) Bastille - 'Wild World'

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