NOTE: Nudity, Bad Language, Violence, Viewer Discretion Advised

Rihanna may have been releasing new material as of late, but nothing has made an impact quite as much as the arrival of the music video for one of her latest tunes, 'Bitch Better Have My Money'.

The piece sees Rihanna and two of her friends kidnap and torment a woman we assume owes Rih some money, before the woman seems to begin enjoying herself but is later seen face down, unconscious and underwater in a swimming pool.

Morbidity continues with the introduction of 'The Accountant' - played by Hannibal's leading man Mads Mikkelsen - who ends up tied to a chair and murdered, before Rihanna finally gets her money and soaks in the rays whilst covered in his blood, nude.

Rihanna looks stunning throughout, the cast is a perfectly picked one and this is an incredible first for Rihanna, as she directs her own music video alongside Megaforce, with producers Bridgitte Pugh and Ciarra Pardo.

It also serves to show that females can be confident within their bodies, enough so to get nude for a music video while being completely empowered. People have tried to go for that in the past, but it just feels right here. She's been stripped bare emotionally in the past, now here's Rihanna stripped bare physically, giving her all to an incredible video.

'Bitch Better Have My Money' is available for download now.

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