Sam Callahan is back this week with his brilliant new single Stitches and Scars, and today (September 28), we can exclusively premiere the fantastic music video for the piece! Check it out for the first time below:

Admitting this is his most personal work to-date, Sam recently told us in an interview that the song was born out of a conversation he had with his brother, during one of the lowest points in his life.

He explained: "My brother turned around to me at the time and told me: "You could have not made that decision, you could have not made those mistakes, you could be less wild and less like you. You could be more boring, more reserved and you could never step out of line, but that's not you and we love you for who you are! It is your imperfections that make you who you are and you need to stop beating yourself up and own them!"

"This really resonated with me; it made me realise that I had to get myself out of that rut and those words he said to me on that day were the reason that I wrote this song. At the end of the chorus I sing: "Would I really be me without my stitches and scars?" and THAT in a nutshell is what my brother taught me at the time. We have to accept who we are and own it!"

You can read the rest of our music interview with Sam by clicking here, and find out more about his fitness journey by clicking here!

Stitches and Scars is available for streaming and download now.

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