Beyoncé is a busy woman. She's currently facing phenomenal demand for her forthcoming Formation World Tour, being forced to add extra dates to meet expectations from her fans who all want to see her in action. But as she's selling millions of tickets and raking in the cash, there's one female popstar who's sat at home wondering just where her career will go and, if it will ever take off again.



That woman is Kesha. On Friday, December 19, Kesha walked into a courtroom to ask for an injunction against a contract which she says is ruining her life. Accusing music producer Dr. Luke - who she's contracted to work under - of sexual, physical and mental abuse, she wants to have the opportunity to work away from Luke and from Sony so that she can go ahead with getting her life back on track. Unfortunately for Kesha, the judge in New York on that Friday did not see it that way and ruled against giving the injunction, thus forcing Kesha to work with the company who support the man she says raped her, drugged her and more.

Famous feminists came out in support of Kesha. Lady Gaga tweeted her support, Ariana Grande followed suit and Taylor Swift even donated an incredible $250,000, which Kesha's mother told the world about. One of the people we haven't heard about or heard from however is Beyoncé, a woman ofted credited as the 'Queen Feminist' due to the subject matters explored within her music and her fights for female power. Whether or not she has done anything and we've just not heard about it is anyone's guess. It was reported that Bey and husband Jay-Z marched for the Ferguson protests but went home early because they didn't want to make the whole thing a spectacle about themselves, and that could be what Beyoncé is doing here. But what Sony really needs right now is pressure from big names such as Bey, so a public statement would really make the biggest impact.

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Even Miley Cyrus, who's signed to RCA Records (owned by Sony) and has production from Dr Luke on one of her biggest singles to-date, 'Wrecking Ball', has made a statement on her Instagram account in support of Kesha. If she's unafraid of repercussions, why isn't perhaps the biggest female singer on the planet, Beyoncé? Surely she knows that if she does speak out, she's powerful enough to remain in the spotlight and still release music with great success?

Some fans are annoyed at Bey's silence:

Others claim that it's just Beyoncé simply following her usual trend of remaining private and not speaking publicly on matters such as this one, staying behind-the-scenes and showing support in person rather than through the media.

Whatever the case, Kesha needs support right now, and the woman who stylised her entire self-titled album around feminism can do a lot of good in Kesha's battle for freedom. Beyoncé, the world is waiting. When you're done looking at ticket profits, Kesha could really use a hand.

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