Dappy is set to take the charts by storm when his debut solo single 'No Regrets' gets released on Monday.

The first member of N-Dubz to go solo since their break earlier this year, his single is a mix of soaring vocals, great production and intelligent rhymes.

We spoke to the sometimes-controversial star, and he seems excited for the release.

"I can't believe it's actually coming out in a week's time," he admitted.

The Number One spot was something that escaped Dappy with N-Dubz, but he's hoping this single will help him achieve that goal.

He said: "One Direction are out right now and they're at Number One. Well deserved, but next week I'm out. I just pray to God that they don't stay there for two weeks!"

Breaking away from N-Dubz is allowing Dappy to breath as an artist, something he's thriving on as a song-writer.

Responding to the idea that the song is a big depature from his band's sound, Dappy explained that their song-writing was quite targeted.

"I couldn't exactly write that song for N-Dubz, cos it didn't go with the bloody image," he claimed. "Now I'm with myself I can breath, I can show people that yes I am one of the best in our country. I definitely believe that."

His influences are more diverse than people might expect, as he mentioned the likes of Freddie Merucyr and Phil Collins.

He attacked the narrow scope some of his peers have, saying: "I don't wanna say no names. Up-and-coming rappers who put their hats on backwards and their hoodies on, they're very narrow-minded and afraid  expand their knowledge of music."

Dappy realises that people will already have their opinions on him, but he's desparate to prove them wrong.

"People that look like me, you'll think "he can only rap, they can only talk b*******." No, we can't, we can actually write a song too!"

He's looking to prove this with his eventual solo album, and he's expecting people to be blown away.

One track he told us about (titled 'Shotgun' on the album, but 'Rockstar' when it's released as the next single) sees a deeper side to Dappy.

It's a track about people getting to their lowest, and he said: "What happens when people get to the lowest? They wanna take their own life away."

It's here that Dappy shows a better awareness of music than people would expect, as he name-drops many of the members of the Forever 27 Club.

"I'm bringing in Brian Jones, who started The Rolling Stones. He drowned, I say that he took his breath away," he explained.

Anyone worried that Dappy might be toning down his lyrics needn't worry.

"Dappy is going to be the one who can get away with saying...not anything, but a lot more than what other people can say," he claimed.

He describes it as "barrier-breaking" music, and it's certainly looking like a progression in his career, although Dappy admits he has a lot of work to do.

"You have to go beyond if you want people to quickly take you seriously. I need to prove a point very quickly, otherwise people will just boo me," he confesses.

Earlier this year, Dappy did an arena tour with N-Dubz, which blew him away.

However, the band have since announced a break, which Dappy explains is because they were drifting apart, rather than feeling like close friends.

"I couldn't look at them like that, so we had to have a break to love each other again."

Dappy isn't shy to own up to his controversies in the past.

He admits: "That's how I was with N-Dubz, getting in trouble. I used to think it was cool".

"Forget it - the paper are gonna write about me, I'm a superstar," he joked, adding: "I used to think it was funny. Little did I know, I was losing fans."

After the birth of his second son in December, Dappy is starting to soften up.

"I'm actually seeing the meaning of true life. What there is, other than being a nuerotic young man," he reveals.

This softer side doesn't mean a lack of confidence or ambition, which Dappy feels is vital.

He said: "You have to come extra-hard, extra-powerful," adding: "No-one can't say to me that I didn't do a good job. You've gotta know and be confident in your product."

Keen to get passed any preconceptions and make meaningful music, it's clear the rest of the year will be an exciting time for Dappy and his career.

The singer explained: "The motive is never give up on something. You can't go a day without thinking about power to the people, barrier-breaking music."

Clearly showing more maturity, and a deeper side, than people give him credit for, Dappy looks well-poised to make people sit up and take notice.

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