Jamelia's had an illustrious career in the music industry and she's now taking the world of television by storm.

As ambassador of the Tilda campaign where mums are encouraged to help other mums around the world, we got the chance to speak to the star about how to get involved and help out, her current career on television and whether or not she'll be going back to music anytime soon.

Why did you choose to work with Tilda on their 'Mums Helping Mums' campaign?

Well, as a mother myself I think it's very important to be compassionate and to be aware and to be considerate of other mothers. It's a very small price to pay to make such a huge difference - you know just buying a bag of rice and you can help donate a nutritious meal for an expectant or a new mum, in another country that probably wouldn't get that meal otherwise - I think it's a really, really great campaign to be a part of.

You touched on it a little there - how can people get involved with the campaign by buying these bags of rice?

Well, basically it's the one kilogram bag of pure basmati rice and it does have a little sticker on it to say that it's a part of this - and you just buy that. For every bag that's sold they will donate one nutrition boosting meal to a new or expectant mum.

Away from the campaign you're now a regular panelist on Loose Women - what led to the decision to join the show?

I think it was the opportunity of representing a demographic that I don't feel was represented due to my age group, and at first obviously I was a bit weary, should I say, or a little bit concerned that I wouldn't be seen or I wouldn't be able to hold my own.

Jamelia on the Loose Women panel / Credit: ITV

The other women have really taken me under their wing and definitely made me feel as if I'm an integral part to the show and so it's great, that boosted my confidence and I feel great.

You're also a coach on The Voice of Ireland - how are you finding that experience?

I absolutely love it. I love the opportunity to be able to take forward my expertise, my knowledge, my experience - it really is an honour to have that kind of responsibility and to help make someone's dream come true.

You've had an expansive career yourself in the music industry - is that something you'll be returning to?

I don't know yet. It's definitely something I would like to do more of, but I am enjoying working on TV and working in the capacities that I'm working in at the moment, but I'll never say never. Who knows, you know?

What would you say are some of the highlights of your career?

Honestly, I really have enjoyed such a fantastic career and I feel so fortunate to have had so many experiences performing on the stage with world class artists. I've been to every continent and every country in the world. I couldn't wish for a better job. I feel fantastic.

Would you say the music industry's changed in its attitude to women compared to when you started out?

I think society has changed and so, society has become a lot more accepting of different things. I don't know. I wouldn't say the attitude has changed, I would definitely say it's more a society change which is making certain things a lot more acceptable. Sometimes it is down to the artist and their preference. I appreciate art in whatever form and however it is displayed and if I don't then I don't watch or I don't look at the music.

Finally, do you have any upcoming projects that we've not touched on that you can share some details about?

Not anything that I'm able to talk about as yet, but there's always stuff happening! (laughs)

Jamelia is ambassador for the Tilda Mums Helping Mums campaign, in support of the UN World Food Programme.

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