Richard and Adam

Richard and Adam

Richard and Adam have had a brilliant success story since coming third on ITV’s hit show Britain’s Got Talent. Their first Album ‘Impossible Dream’ did exceptionally well lasting four weeks at NO.1 on the official album charts and setting a new chart record in 2013.

Their first album has been certified gold after selling 100,000 copies and for Richard, 23 and Adam, 20, the dream has become possible. The success of the first album has left them both absolutely thrilled, Richard commented it was “the best feeling” and also their biggest fan ‘our nan’ has been a massive contribution to where they are today.

The sibling duo have now released a festive album through Sony Music,just in time to get everyone in the Christmas spirit and it is filled with fabulous traditional hymns with their own stunning, classical twist.

They were both more than happy to record an album filled with Christmas songs and it suits their voices so well. Richard feels it was the favoured route to go down for their second album, he said: “The thing is with us is we have always been a pretty traditional family and have obviously had good inspiration from Nan in terms of music, hence the reason we're singing the music we are today. Going down the hymn route in terms of the album is the obvious choice for us and something we both really wanted to do."

As the first album did so well you would think Richard and Adam would be feeling the pressure but as humble as ever they are just happy to be doing what they both enjoy. You would think as brothers working alongside each other would be an utter nightmare but they find it just comes naturally.

Richard said: “We have always done things together growing up, we were saying the other day we must have had a sheltered life as we never really fall out. We have always been dead close and have always been together, for us getting on is just an obvious concept. We have the same likes and dislikes so being in the studio together for 14 hours a day is just how I have been spending 20 years of my life.”

They are both set to do a headline tour starting in February 2014 and are more than excited to sing live for people that have supported them for all this time. Richard thinks that this is the least they can do and are blown away by what Sony helped them put together and very thankful as he states that as a duo they aren't “the most musical people in the world”; we beg to differ.

Who would have thought that two small town boys from a small Welsh town called Holywell would be headlining their own tour and be in the race to Christmas number 1 against the likes of Gary Barlow and Kelly Clarkson? It just goes to show that any dream can come true, especially if you have a wonderful Nan like theirs. Richard said: “It is crazy to think we have another album in the charts.” Although Richard and Adam aren’t expecting to be number one, the album is brilliant and more importantly Christmassy so who wouldn't want it to buy it.

The boys are more than happy with what they have achieved and feel they couldn’t have done it without the help of their fans. Richard said: “We are genuinely shocked people are behind us like they are. That’s all we have ever dreamed of, you want to be able to do what you love and you want people to love what you do.”

Christmas is all about family for the boys and they will be going home to indulge in the festive day and of course spend some quality time with their beloved Nan. Richard said they wouldn’t dare spend it anywhere else.

Richard and Adam: The Christmas Album is out now.

Lauren Cunningham