We chat to The Northernettes ahead of the release of their single to find out just what kind of experience the trio had on The Voice UK, what we should expect from them in the future and much more. Read on to find out what they had to say...

New single 'Let's Go' is out January 22

New single 'Let's Go' is out January 22

All three of you have appeared on The Voice UK - what was that experience like?

Georgia: It was interesting, it was a good experience, it was nice to meet lots of new people and it was fun, more than anything else!

Katie: I wasn't on the show as long as Georgia and Sophie but before I was on The Voice I was a Blue Coat, so it was pretty exciting for me - being on The Voice - because being a blue coat was pretty... not exciting! (laughs) It was great to be around real vocalists and to have a taste of what it could be like in the music industry - a good insight.

Sophie: I thought it was obviously a really interesting experience. I also found it really cool to see everyone else's approach to it, like working with people who have different music tastes as well as seeing everybody's different take on how they work and just learning from other people, because obviously I was very young and didn't really have very much experience - so just learning from the people who have been in the industry for so many years... It felt like a fast-track to know how to approach everything. I really enjoyed it and learnt a lot.

Katie was on a different series to Georgia and Sophie, so how did the three of you come to meet and form The Northernettes?

Katie: Basically, I was on the series before Sophie and Georgia, so when they appeared on the next series I was watching, as a fan of the show, and I just thought they were both really cool and the fact that they were both into vintage and their style of music and the tone of their voice. So, I followed them both and then found out that Georgia had a vintage clothing business, like myself, and then I just thought it would be so cool if we could get together and just talk about music and clothes and stuff and then we all thought it would be a good idea to get in the studio... and it just kind of worked! And I actually really like them both!

Georgia: Aww, we love you too!

What should those new to your vocal style or sound expect from your music?

Georgia: Something that's quite fun, lively, outgoing, pop-y. A lot of the things we've been doing are quite fast-paced with old influences from the 60s. We've all got individual styles so there's definitely a lot of different, quirky things happening in terms of music. It's fun, it's fresh and it's definitely a bit out there.

Your debut single is 'Let's Go', what sort of track should we expect?

Georgia: 'Let's Go' is very action-packed, it's amazing to perform, it's really fun... We all like dancing to it! For me personally, 'Let's Go'... those two words are in my vocab all the time! So, if I'm coming out the house I always end up singing to myself - I'm always kind of likem 'Let's Go!', and then I realise that's such a cliché, because we've got a single called that, but it's something that kind of just crops up. It's fun and very lively!

Sophie: It's very relevant as well!

Is there an album on the horizon for the three of you?

Sophie: At the minute we've recorded demos and stuff but we've been focusing on writing and getting a feel of how we sound together. Obviously, we love working together! We've got a few collections of songs in the pipeline - so hopefully, somewhere along the line!

Has music always been a huge passion of yours?

All: YES!

Georgia: I think that speaks for every single one of us, on our own and together, we all love music! We all love singing, we all love different artists. Sophie can tell you that she's got a million artists that she likes...

Sophie: I never get anything done because I'm listening to music all the time!

Where do you draw influence or inspiration from for your music career?

Katie: As a band? We're all really similar but we're all really different so when we come together. When we sing live or when we record anything, you can hear so many different influences like Sophie is a huge fan of Stevie Nicks so whenever we record anything she's got loads of drama in her voice and it's beautiful and Georgia is like in love with Ray Charles so she's got her blues and I'm like a bit of a mix between the both.

Georgia: Yeah, me and Sophie, we did some writing together and it was very black and white - you know Sophie kind of had the darkness and I was wanted to make it all bubbly and light as well, so it's interesting because Katie's music taste does balance the two, which I suppose brings out The Northernettes' sound when we're writing as well. It's a good mix even though it's completely different - it compliments each other.

If you could collaborate with anybody on new material, who would you choose and why?


Georgia: Ray Charles - but he's not alive anymore so I don't know... All of mine are not on this earth unfortunately. If they were alive, a lot of mine would be like Ray Charles - those kind of people.

Katie: I would really love to do a collaboration with Boy George because I absolutely love him more than anything - cause I am a super fan, I know everything about him. I think he's really interesting and the way he got into music. If I were to collaborate with him, I think he'd teach me a lot that music doesn't really teach you - a person teaches you.

Sophie: Yeah man, he's the dude!

You also own vintage fashion stores - how difficult is it to balance the different sides of your career?

Katie: I personally find it really easy because I think music and fashion go hand it hand, because our band is very vintagely styled. I enjoy the workload, because they're both really similar in a way.

Georgia: Agreed. Also when we've been doing photoshoots or videos, it's so easy because me and Katie had just got stock to choose from.

What should we expect from The Northernettes going through 2016?

Georgia: We've got the single coming out on the 22nd and then the video and I think the plan afterwards is to release more, to write more and to perform more. We all love the performance side of it as well as the writing side. To get out there and get known really, I suppose!

Katie: I personally would love to do more festivals this year, too!

The Northernettes' single 'Let's Go' is released Friday, January 22, 2016.

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