Amy Winehouse

Amy Winehouse

Amy Winehouse Vows To Fight U.S. Ban....

British singer Amy Winehouse has vowed to fight a ban preventing her from travelling to the United States - after she was "tricked" into confessing to possessing illegal drugs.The Rehab star was arrested in Norway earlier this month (Oct07) along with husband Blake Fielder-Civil on suspicion of possessing marijuana. The 24-year-old was issued with a fine, but the incident may have thrown a possible American tour into doubt.Now Winehouse has fallen foul of strict U.S. regulations which prevent anyone who has faced legal charges or been questioned by police from entering the country.But her father Mitch Winehouse insists they will fight to get his daughter into the States - as she was hoodwinked by Norwegian authorities.He says, "She and Blake were arrested. They were told to sign a form that they were told was a release form. But it was in Norwegian and it was actually a confession."The ramifications of that are that she can't get into the States, and she was meant to be going next week. But we are looking into that".If U.S. officials decide to enforce the ban, Winehouse could be forbidden from performing in the country. Earlier this year (07) British singer Lily Allen was forced to scrap dates in America after her work visa was confiscated following an attack on a paparazzi photographer in London.Meanwhile Winehouse's father says he fears for his daughter's health now more than ever, following the troubled star's marriage to Blake Fielder-Civil.

Mitch Winehouse believes the Rehab hitmaker's troubles really started following her shock wedding to Fielder-Civil last May (07).

He tells British chat show This Morning, "It's apparent in her music that she's smoked dope for quite a while, probably from the age of 16 or 17, perhaps even earlier.

"She was a complete opponent of hard drugs - in fact, she got up and said she couldn't understand why people in the music industry took hard drugs and that changed about six months ago when she got married to Blake.

"And I'm not saying it's Blake's fault, what I'm saying is Amy's responsible for her own actions. However, it's a fact that the hard drugs coincided with their marriage".

Mitch Winehouse said his daughter has cut down on her drinking in the past year but is still battling bulimia and drug addiction.