André 3000 isn't "on the pulse" of hip hop music anymore.

André 3000

André 3000

The 'Hey Ya' hitmaker - who had much chart success as part of hip hop duo Outkast - admits he doesn't have the pulse for that kind of music anymore as the "rhythms change [for] every generation".

He said: "I don't have the pulse anymore. Rhythms change every generation.

"The intensity and the drums change. And I'm not on the pulse. I can't pretend. It's kinda like watching your uncle dance."

And whilst the 42-year-old star - who admits he is "slowing down" - has achieved a lot in his career, he would regret not doing one more album but does want to leave a gap for the younger stars to fill.

He added: "If I were to drop dead right now, honestly, we've done it. And that's the truth. You know what I mean? Here's the only thing that I would regret, 'Man, you know, there is still that album that you wanted to do.'

"I'm slowing down, and I see these young kids coming up and I was them. And at a certain point, no matter how Mayweather you are, I think it's classy to be like, 'You know what? I think I have, like, maybe two more Mayweather fights.'"

André has also confessed he "hates" going to the studio most of the time but has been tempted back there by some collaborations with other artists and he is excited about the "couple of projects" he is working on.

He told GQ Style: "I hate going to the studio. So what's got me going once again is me being excited about other artists. I've been working on producing a few artists. A couple projects."

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