Charli XCX has described her new album as "gossipy and hardcore".

Charli XCX has teased her 'gossipy and hardcore' club album

Charli XCX has teased her 'gossipy and hardcore' club album

The 'Von Dutch' star is set to release her sixth studio album, 'Brat', this summer, and she has teased that it's made for the girls who love to "party and sweat and rave".

She told NME: "It’s kind of bitchy and gossipy and hardcore and very club feeling.

“It’s definitely one for the girls who like to party and sweat and rave.”

She continued: “I feel good about the music. Every artist says this about their new record, but I really do feel like this is my best music [yet]. I’m super excited.”

The follow-up to 2022's 'Crash' also features a song about dealing with grief following the passing of her fellow pop pioneer and collaborator, SOPHIE, in 2021.

Charli told the outlet in a previous interview: “It’s probably not as simply put as [a tribute] but there is a song on the record which talks about my relationship with SOPHIE. Essentially, dealing with grief is what the song is about. It’s very real. All the lyrics are things that I would text my friends – the kind of dialogue and the voice of this record is very conversational and very diar-etic for sure.”

Meanwhile, Charli, whose partner is The 1975's drummer George Daniel, says both her and the Matty Healy-led indie pop group have "really intense" fan bases.

She said: “Good question! I think the super fans of both parties really do have something quite intense about them.

“I think it would be a fight to the death to be honest, which I hope never happens…”

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