Chase & Status were shocked when they got a call in the middle of the night from Rihanna.

The duo worked with the Barbadian beauty on her album 'Rated R' after she rang Saul Milton while he was asleep in bed with his girlfriend.

Chase & Status

He said: "Our manager, Joe, had been talking with Jay Brown at Roc Nation. I got a call from Jay Brown who said, 'I've had a chat with Rihanna. You've got to do a session with us.' The night goes on and day goes on, then at 5am my phone rings and my girlfriend at the time is asleep next to me. 'Hey Saul, it's Rihanna' My girlfriend goes, 'Who's that?' and I whisper, 'It's Rihanna!' It was a strange time to get a call but Rihanna said she loved the tunes, particularly 'Eastern Jam'. Within a week we were in the studio with her, Mr Hudson, Pharrell, Drake..."

And his fellow producer Will Kennard was thrilled to get a MySpace message from Snoop Dogg.

Speaking on 'Relentless Ultra Presents Soundchain With Zane Lowe & Chase & Status', he said: "The first big thing that happened for us was a MySpace message from Snoop Dogg. It was something like 'Yo, I like your tune Eastern Jam. Send it to me. Church Ch-chow'. We sent him the track and two days later he sent it back - He did his own version, 'Snoop Dog Millionaire'!"

Catch 'Relentless Ultra Presents Soundchain With Zane Lowe & Chase & Status' on Sunday 3 August at 9.30pm, on MTV Music.

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