N-Dubz rapper Dappy has hit out at a fan for calling his music her "guilty pleasure".



The 32-year-old musician - whose real name is Costadinos Contostavlos - took offence to the fan's comment, as the term is used to describe something someone enjoys, but is "embarrassed" about.

Ellana, a mother from Sudbury in Suffolk, sent a message to Dappy on Instagram several months ago which read: "Your music is my guilty pleasure", followed by a love-heart eyed emoji.

And she has now received a response, though it may not be the one she was expecting, as Dappy sent her a voice note calling her a "little b***h.

He fumed: "Do you know what guilty pleasure means you little b***h? It means something that you like that you're embarrassed about. I don't make music for it to be called that, do you understand? So f**k off man, you stupid little cow."

Ellana was "horrified" by the response, and has said she found Dappy's comments "so rude".

She said: "It was so rude, I was actually horrified. It's not a way to speak to your fans at all. I'm sure he's going to lose a lot of them over this."

The 'Oh My' hitmaker - who formed N-Dubz with his cousin Tulisa and Fazer - has only released one studio album as a solo artist in the form of 2012's 'Bad Intentions', but has been steadily releasing singles since N-Dubz's last outing in 2012.

But Dappy could be set to reunite with Tulisa and Fazer soon, as the 'Sippin' singer recently said she's confident N-Dubz will reunite.

Tulisa said: "It really is something that's going to happen inevitably, it's just when. I'll be 90 years old, if I live that long, with a walking stick, ready to go back on stage with N-Dubz."

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