Kalpee thinks performing at the Color Run will be "magical".



The 'No One' singer is "a bit nervous" to be a guest performer at the event in Wembley, North London, on Sunday (08.07.18), but he's honoured to have been asked.

He said: "This is the first time I'd be performing for an event like this, so I'm not gonna lie I'm a bit nervous but that's all part of it, I'm super excited to be a part of Color Run UK, especially because they promote individuality, I think it'll be a magical experience for me and a magical event on the whole, can't wait to see the energy in that atmosphere."

The event will see men, women, and children walk, skip, and run 5km being covered in paint at checkpoint, which are spaced 1km apart, and Kalpee will be performing throughout the day to raise morale and keep spirits high.

And the 'Colourful' singer thinks the event will mark the most "beautiful" performance of his career.

He said: "I don't think it gets more beautiful than this. Imagine a group of people coming together to celebrate self-love and happiness, I can't wait to feel this energy."

Sign up for The Color Run in Wembley at https://thecolorrun.co.uk/locations/london/ and use discount code KalpeeAtColorRun to get 25% off your place!

'Colourful' will be released on August 31.