Kate Nash

Kate Nash

Kate Nash wants a telescope for Christmas.

Kate Nash is hoping to receive a telescope for Christmas this year because she wants to look into space for UFOs.

The 26-year-old singer-songwriter is hoping to find the space gadget under her tree this year so she can keep a watchful eye out for UFOs because she has an obsession with aliens and non-earthly living creatures.

Speaking exclusively to FemaleFirst, she told us "I'm really obsessed with space and aliens so I want a telescope so I can look out for UFO's."

Kate is currently pursuing a career in acting, has had a busy year working on her new movie 'Powder Room', while juggling her UK tour and is looking forward to unwinding for the festive season.

She explained: "I'm actually really looking forward to it I've been away for like the whole year basically, so I'm just looking forward to vegging out and being at my mum and dad's house and having my dogs and my bunny rabbit.

"It's been going really well, it's been a lot of hard work this year so I'm looking forward to having a Christmas break actually because I've been on tour all year."

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