Katy B felt it was important for her new album 'Honey' to sound "sexy".

Katy B

Katy B

The 'Crying for No Reason' hitmaker was inspired by strong female artists such as Faith Evans and Mary J Blige for her forthcoming LP and felt it was important for her to be able to express being a confident and sultry woman through her music.

Asked if she intended to make a sultry record, she said: "I like music to be sexy - that's something I'm really passionate about. I grew up on Faith Evans, Mary J Blige and Jill Scott."

The 26-year-old Londoner disagrees with people who think being an attractive woman and showing off your body is a "negative" thing, because in actual fact it shows someone is "owning it".

She told Stylist magazine: "People see a woman being sexy being a negative thing but being sexy and feeling sexy is amazing. It's about owning it, about being in control, not vulnerable."

Meanwhile, Katy - who will release 'Honey' on Friday (22.04.16) - disagrees with many people who moan there is a lack of diversity in the music industry and thinks rather than moaning people should just "get sh*t done" like she has.

Asked if there is enough diversity in the pop world, she said: "I would like to think so. The great thing about the world where I come from is we've never waited for anything; we've just done it. When I made my first album, I wasn't signed, I wasn't anything. I'm from a world where people just get s**t done. You want to do something, just go and do it."