Papa Roach went through "hell and heaven" while making their latest album.

Papa Roach went through 'hell' making new album

Papa Roach went through 'hell' making new album

The 'Last Resort' hitmakers are due to drop their 11th studio album early next year, and frontman Jacoby Shaddix admitted the band managed to "air some grievances" as they were creating their new record.

He said: "A lot of walls came down emotionally between us and it really made for great music.

"And we aired some grievances in the process and really got through some stuff together and came out on the other side of the process of this record feeling like, 'Man, we just went through hell and heaven to make this record. We've got something special.'

"It's just really exciting."

The 45-year-old star admitted he and his fellow bandmates - Jerry Horton, Tobin Esperance, and Tony Palermo - were "just destroyed" and had "no energy left" after spending a month in Temecula, California, getting the record off the ground.

Speaking on the Danny Wimmer Presents YouTube channel, he added: "I think the process of making this record, we kicked it off the right way.

"We were locked up in quarantine, and we just kept FaceTiming with each other, calling each other, like, 'Dude, I'm going crazy.' Tobin hits me up, 'Bro, what are we gonna do, man? We've gotta do something. We've gotta get creative.'

"And so we all locked up in this house down south in a place called Temecula and stayed there for a month and just started writing music. And it was like a floodgate opened. And it was, like, 24-7 — literally there was music happening for the better part of 24 hours a day, whether it's editing or engineering or writing or recording or tracking. And by the time we got done with this process at this house, we all left like we were just destroyed.

"We had no energy left. Everybody needed to just get home and recharge. But it was such a great bonding experience for the boys and our producers and our engineers and just a really special time in our lives."

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