Paris Hilton would rather release singles than albums.

Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton

The 36-year-old socialite released her debut single 'Stars Are Blind' - which helped launch her current DJ career - in 2006, and whilst fans have been waiting for her sophomore album since the release of eponymously titled 'Paris' that same year, she has said she's "focused on singles" for the time being.

Asked if she was recording another album, Paris said: "I'm mostly focused on just singles, I think that's just how it is nowadays with the music industry. It's not really about albums. So yeah I've been working on my second album forever, but I'm also running a huge business and doing a million other things."

Back in 2013, it was reported that 'The Simple Life' star would be working with Afrojack in the production of her second studio venture, but Paris now says the songs were recorded so long ago that they're now "unusable".

When asked about her collaboration with Afrojack, she said: "I've worked with so many people. The sound is so different now. Back then, when we were doing the album together, that sound was amazing but now the sound has changed so much that I wasn't really feeling the songs anymore. Music moves so fast nowadays that if you do a song a year ago, it's going to be not the same as something that you do right now. Those songs are just unusable because we recorded them so many years ago. I want a newer, more fresh, like futuristic sound."

However, Paris is currently focusing on her DJ career, and has said eventually she would love to open up her own festival, where she can do "something that involves charity".

Speaking to Billboard magazine about her goals as a DJ, Paris said: "I love doing it and I'd love to keep playing and I would love to put together my own music festival one day, something that's really special and fun and something that involves charity."

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