Tulisa wants to reunite with N-Dubz.



The 'Playing with Fire' hitmakers - also comprised of her cousin Dappy and their friend Fazer - haven't worked together since 2012 and the 30-year-old star admitted there is "nothing like" the feeling of being on stage with her bandmates.

Asked if she misses N-Dubz by new! magazine, she said:" Yeah. There's nothing like being able to write songs when there are three of you.

"And then you step on stage and look at the crowd and look back at each other... If you're going through an emotion by yourself and you've achieved something, it's great, but when you're going through it with your best friend, it's incredible.

"But, work aside, they're still there as family."

But Tulisa admitted it's hard to get "musical genius" Dappy into a conversation about reuniting the band and thinks he needs to pursue his own endeavours away from the group before he'll be ready to return.

He said: "I don't know that he doesn't want to but it's hard to grab his attention.

"He's a musical genius and he wants to do his own thing with his music.

"When he feels like he's done, he'll come back to N-Dubz.

"He's on a bit of a mission achieving what he wants in life. There's nothing wrong with that, but I think that's what has held the group back from getting together again."

Last year, the 'Daddy' singer won a five-year legal battle against will.i.am after being left off the writing credits, but she insists there's no hard feelings between them.

She said: "[Things are] totally cool. I've seen him and we've even exchanged numbers.

"We've laughed about it all and had a drink together.

"It's done and dusted now. I'm not one to hold on to things you can't change."

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