S Club would “love” to release new music.

S Club star Bradley McIntosh teases new music

S Club star Bradley McIntosh teases new music

The pop band – which consists of Bradley McIntosh, Jon Lee, Rachel Stevens. Tina Barrett and Jo O’Meara – released a string of hit albums from 1999 until 2003 and are currently gearing up to stage their reunion tour and now Bradley, 41, has teased that if all goes well, new music could be on the cards.

He exclusively told BANG Showbiz: “We'd all love it. I'm sure we'd love to [do new music] but our main focus is right now on the tour. That’s the most important thing because we've got a we've got a big, big job on our hands, making sure that this show is perfect and epic.

“But everyone's positive and if it all goes well and the fans out there want to hear more, I'm sure we can maybe with something there's something for us to discuss.

Never say never, we might have a few surprises up our sleeves just watch this space!”

The ‘Have You Ever’ hitmakers have now renamed their show the Good Times Tour in memory of former member Paul Cattermole – who died earlier this year at the age of 46 – and will play arenas across the UK in October despite the departure of Hannah Spearritt, who decided to leave the band so she could mourn the loss of her ex-boyfriend.

Away from the band, Bradley – who has six-year-old son Kairo with wife Megan Firth – has teamed up with toy giant Hasbro to encourage parents to spend more time playing with their children and explained that if his son wants to follow in his pop star footsteps then he will always support him but will always make sure that education comes first.

He added: “I'm just gonna give him the best opportunities. He goes to swimming lessons on a Tuesday and he goes football after that. He goes football twice a week. He wants to do dance classes. He wants to do martial arts. So it's just about giving him, the best and just giving him the options to decide one day what he's passionate about.

"If he decides one day, he wants to do music – well, it’s a tough industry. And I always be watching over his back.

“But obviously, you have to be very careful. And schoolwork always comes first as a primary.

"I sound like my dad now because I remember back in the day, he would say the same thing and I’d say ‘But I just wanna sing though, dad!’”

Now's the perfect time for parents to bring back that 90's nostalgia to enjoy with their children today.

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